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R/C BUILDING is developed and being constantly upgraded by several engineers and academics expert in earthquake and structural engineering. Feel free to contact us for your R/C BUILDING software, modelling or engineering questions.


Emil Jankulovski is the founder and director of INDUCTA Engineering – Australia. He holds BE and ME degrees in Earthquake Engineering. He played the major role in the development of R/C BUILDING and several analysis and concrete design software. You can visit www.inducta.com.au for other INDUCTA products. emil@inducta.com.au


Onur Kutlukaya holds BE (ODTU) and ME (Canada) degrees in Structural Engineering. He is the founder and director of Onur Kutlukaya Engineering and partner of INDUCTA Engineering - Turkey. Also, he is our local consultant on Turkish Standards and Recommendations. bilgi@inducta.com.tronur@inducta.com.tr


Serra Cimilli holds BE (ITU), ME (BU) and PhD degrees (Canada) in Structural Engineering. She played a role in the development of several INDUCTA software including R/C BUILDING and the adaptation of Turkish Standards and Recommendations and Eurocode. serra@inducta.com.au, bilgi@inducta.com.tr


Joe Wu holds BE in Civil Engineering and ME in Structural Engineering.  He played a role in the development of several INDUCTA software and a major role in keeping our user interfaces up-to-date and highly user-friendly. joe@inducta.com.au


Viktor Hristovski, PhD in Earthquake Engineering, is a professor at Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology (IZIIS), Macedonia.  He is one of our consultants on Finite Element Method and Eurocode. viktor@pluto.iziis.ukim.edu.mk 


Emre Erkmen BE (ITU) ME (ITU) PhD (Canada) is an assistant professor at University of Technology, Sydney. He is one of our consultants on structural analysis. emre.erkmen@uts.edu.au




TDY2007 – TS500


R/C Building is a software package for 3D modelling, analysis and design of reinforced concrete building structures subject to gravity and lateral loading, including vertical load transfer, global torsion and columns slenderness.


"For reinforced concrete buildings, R/C BUILDING software wins hands down as a lateral analysis and design tool, and we will continue to use it for our lateral analysis checks." Paul Bezkorovainy

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